Transfer Students Kick Off a New Tradition

Transfer Students Kick Off a New Tradition

Transfer students at dinner

Our transfer students were excited to start a new and fun tradition of meeting up for dinner at a different dining hall every month. Less than 30 undergraduates transfer to MIT from another university every year, and because they experience MIT differently than other students, they often rely and seek support from one another. The Office of the First Year (OFY) coordinates their orientation and sponsors programming and social opportunities for them throughout the year.

The dining hall dinner has been a wonderful opportunity for these students to come together and catch up with one another, especially since they are dispersed on and off campus and in various academic departments. Fifteen transfer students gathered at New Vassar dining hall right after Thanksgiving.  Everyone was happy to share details about their break and about their IAP plans.

The OFY will provide dinner swipes to students who are not on a meal plan, including those who live off campus. Our next dinner will take place in February at Maseeh Hall.

— Leslie Bottari, OFY