Hiring Administrative Staff

Please start by reviewing the OVC Hiring Guide.

Job Description

The hiring process starts with creating or updating a job description. An OVC Job Description Template needs to be completed and submitted to OVC HR for review.

Job Classification

When a new job description is developed, the description is reviewed to determine the appropriate classification based on the required knowledge, skills and responsibilities of the position. This review ensures the position will be categorized with similar positions, salary ranges and with the appropriate title.

Search Process

Before seeking candidates to fill an approved opening, the hiring manager must complete a Search Plan and submit to Kristin McCoy, OVC Interim Director of Human Resources, for approval.

In furtherance of OVC’s commitment to providing equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment to women and minorities, the Search Plan should include:

  • A job description
  • Posting language
  • An advertising plan
  • Specific steps to identify and actively recruit women and minority candidates
  • A description of the search process, including the participants in the process and their respective roles. The hiring manager (or a specific designee) is the person responsible for ensuring a thorough search of the relevant employment market is undertaken.

At the conclusion of a search, before an offer is extended to a candidate, the hiring manager must submit a Search Results to Kristin McCoy, OVC Interim Director of Human Resources, for approval.

The Search Report must contain the following:

  • Where the position was advertised
  • Specific steps taken to actively identify and recruit women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities
  • A description of the selection process, including:
    • The # of applicants and # of women, minority, veterans and individuals with disabilities applicants
    • List of candidates selected for interview, # of women, minority, veteran and individuals with disabilities candidates interviewed
    • The name and resume, of the candidate of choice and a statement of the principal reason for his/her/their selection over other finalists
    • List of references, name, position, organization and summary of conversations
    • The names and resumes of women, minority, veterans and individuals with disabilities finalists and, for each person, a specific statement of the reason he/she/they were not the preferred candidate

Posting a Position

Job descriptions/postings should be forwarded to OVC HR for posting. Additional advertising is available at the expense of the Office conducting the search.

Reference Checking

We encourage checking references using our online reference checking system, SkillSurvey. Using SkillSurvey improves the efficiency of the reference process (1.2 turnaround!) and standardizes the process, reducing bias. All references are asked to complete the same job-specific survey designed to help the references rate the candidate on the specific behaviors that are relevant to a job. Feedback remains confidential and will be included in a report that averages all of the references’ ratings. Contact Kristin McCoy or to initiate the reference process with your finalist.

Making an Offer

All offers of employment are made by OVC HR. Contact Kristin McCoy, OVC Interim Director of Human Resources, with the candidate’s resume, copy of reference checking notes, preferred start date and completed search report.