Hiring Process

OVC is an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, including harassment, in accordance with the Institute’s EEO policy. In addition to our commitment to equal opportunity, OVC also has a commitment to Affirmative Action.

When openings occur, OVC offices are expected to do a serious search and to make every effort to provide equality of opportunity and to take affirmative action to reduce underrepresentation and underutilization of minorities and women within our workforce. OVC’s Director of Human Resources is designated as OVC’s Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. Employees and prospective employees with inquiries concerning MIT policies, compliance with laws, statutes and regulations (such as Title VI, Title IX, and section 504), and complaints may email OVC Interim Director of Human Resources Kristin McCoy.

Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce and to foster an inclusive work environment that is respectful and collaborative and which encourages and supports each individual as they strive to achieve their full potential. Achieving a diverse inclusive work environment is everyone’s responsibility in OVC. We hope you’ll make a personal commitment to helping us achieve this goal.