OVC Appreciation Program

The OVC Appreciation Program is intended to demonstrate immediate and spontaneous appreciation for the contributions of OVC employees or Chancellor-area staff (e.g., co-worker to co-worker, supervisor to employee, or employee to supervisor) as well as employees from other areas who have done something for which an OVC employee is appreciative (e.g., Accounts Payable, the Parking Office, Campus Activities Complex, etc.).

The program is primarily intended for individual notes of thanks and there should only be one entrant per form. If you would like to thank a team, a separate thank you note must be written and submitted for each member of the team and they will be treated as individual entries in the monthly drawing. To submit an entry (one individual at a time), please fill out the OVC Appreciation Note Form.

We will then send out an email message and include any OVC or Chancellor area staff in the regular monthly raffle held the month after the message is delivered.


The personalized thank you notes can be used spontaneously and employees are encouraged to recognize and show their appreciation of colleagues in a timely way. All thank you letters received by the Appreciation Administrator by the last working day of the month will be entered into that month’s drawing, which takes place the following month.


Each month, 8 employees are randomly selected to receive a selection of Books of Appreciation from the MIT Press Bookstore or an MIT Coop Bundle. Additional options for rewards are currently under review. To ensure compliance with HR’s policy related to non-financial recognition awards, employees are only eligible to receive up to the value of $100 in certificates per calendar year.  For more information on non-financial awards, please visit the MIT Rewards & Recognition Program website.