Spread the Word about TLL’s Flipping Failure Newsletter!

Spread the Word about TLL’s Flipping Failure Newsletter!

In case you missed it, Flipping Failure launched a newsletter last spring for MIT undergraduate and graduate students that provides timely, valuable, and evidence-based information about paths toward resilience their peers have taken when facing academic challenges.

Each issue highlights one or more student stories, focusing on common struggles experienced by students at MIT and the strategies students use to cope with them. You can check out the March/April issue, which highlights grappling with self-doubt, and the May/June issue, which focuses on taking breaks from work to alleviate stress and promote well-being.

We ask for your help to get the word out this fall to all MIT students about this valuable resource. If you have not already done so, please sign up for the newsletter here and share it widely with your students. The September/October issue is already in the works and will center on adjusting to MIT.

The Flipping Failure initiative aims to encourage students to use adaptive coping strategies and “flip” perceived personal failures into abundant opportunities for learning and growth.

— Melissa Mangino, TLL