OVC Promotions and New Employees

OVC Promotions and New Employees

Promotions, Feb. 1, 2023-Oct. 31, 2023

Clare Head, Admissions Office

Hannah Ledford, Admissions Office

Erin Murray, Admissions Office

Olivia Whalen, Admissions Office

Linda Rabieh, Concourse

Elizabeth Taylor, Concourse

Heewon Lee, D-Lab

Asif Obaidee, D-Lab

James Bales, Edgerton Center

Patricia Christie, Experimental Study Group

Paola Rebusco, Experimental Study Group

Maria Cervantes Gonzalez, Office of Graduate Education

Jessica Landry, Office of Graduate Education

Pablo Cordon, Office of Minority Education

Nicole Dillie, Registrar

David Pierre-Louis, Student Financial Services

Amanda Baker, Teaching & Learning Lab

Ari Epstein, Terrascope

J Alex Hoyt, Undergraduate Advising Center

Michael Santoro, Undergraduate Advising Center

New Employees, Aug. 1-Oct. 31, 2023


Kari-Elle Brown, Assistant Director, Targeted Recruitment

Samantha Xu, Administrative Assistant 2

Gargi Parte, Admissions Systems Analyst

Mariel Rojas, Administrative Assistant 2

Calli Baylock, Administrative Assistant 2

Sara Wiedeman, Assistant Director of Communications


Anna Deng, Communications Graduate  Intern


Abigail Rebello, Program Coordinator for Academic Success Program

Office of Graduate Education HQ

Denzil Streete, Senior Associate Dean and Director, Graduate Education

Sarah Galison, Program Administrator, Graduate Students with Children

Jessica Bonitatibus, Senior Program Administrator, Graduate Student Experience


Vivian Winham, Human Resource Business Partner

PKG Center

Riley Jones, Graduate Assistant, Community and Voter Engagement

Melissa Myers, Development Officer, PKG


Joseph Dal, Technical Instructor