OVC Staff Council

Welcome everyone!


  • Partner with OVC leadership to create a work culture in which all members of the OVC Community feel valued, supported, productive, and connected.
  • Advance high-priority, evidence-based, staff-led initiatives.
  • Build on and broaden the work of the OVC Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI) to strengthen community and a sense of connection across OVC.


2024 Staff Council Members

Trinidad Carney
Trinidad Carney, Associate Director for Outreach, Admissions

Katie Caruth
Katie Carruth, Sr Administrative Assistant, Office of Graduate Education

Benjamin Hansberry
Benjamin Hansberry, Assoc Director for Grad Student Teaching, Teaching + Learning Lab

Steph Mac
Steph Mac, Administrative Assistant, OVC HQ

Larissa Martell
Larissa Martell, Administrative Assistant, OME

Kristin McCoy
Kristin McCoy, Director of Human Resources, OVC HQ
Abdul Noor
Abdul Noor, PreHealth Advising Program Asst, Career Advising and Professional Development

Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez*, Asst Director for Outreach, Admissions

Jillian Raddock
Jillian Ruddock, Assoc Director for Customer Service, Student Financial Services

Michael Rutter
Michael Rutter, Sr Advisor for Communications, OVC HQ

Michael Santoro
Michael Santoro*, Asst Dean, Advising & New Student Programming, Undergraduate Advising Center

Charlie Turner
Charles Turner, Administrator, Undergrad Degree Audit, Registrar’s Office

Erica Zimmer, Lecturer, Concourse

    * co-chairs

    Project teams

    • Initial areas of focus include …
      • community & culture
      • professional development and onboarding; and
      • events & engagement.

    What’s next

    • In the coming weeks…
      • expect to hear more from us; 
      • learn about ways to get in touch with us about your ideas; and
      • find opportunities to take part in programming and gatherings.


    Find us at: ovc-staffcouncil@mit.edu