New OVC Employees Nov. 1, 2023 – Feb. 1, 2024

New OVC Employees Nov. 1, 2023 – Feb. 1, 2024


  • Cami Spellman, Admissions Counselor, Data Analysis
  • Mia Kelly, Administrative Assistant II
  • Nolan Gerendas, Administrative Assistant 2


  • Maritza Monvil, Events Assistant 2


  • Ankita Singh, Instructor
  • Eliza Squibb, Instructor
  • Ahmad Zakka, Instructor

Edgerton Center

  • Christian Cardozo-Aviles, Instructor
  • David Iwatsuki, Staff Affiliate
  • Cheetiri Smith, Technical Instructor

Office of Experiential Learning

  • Yana Mommadova, Graduate Assistant, Assessment and Evaluation

Office of Graduate Education

  • Jessica Bonitatibus, Sr. Program Administrator, Graduate Student Experience
  • Rita Andrade, Graduate Research Fellowship Administrator

Office of Minority Education

  • Maria Aranibar Landeo, Program Assistant, Academic Success Programs

Office of Graduate Education

  • Denzil Streete, Senior Associate Dean and Director, Graduate Education
  • Sarah Galison, Program Administrator, Graduate Students with Children
  • Jessica Bonitatibus, Senior Program Administrator, Graduate Student Experience


  • Julia Bliss, Administrative Assistant 2


  • Ryan Seiffert, Technical Instructor

Student Financial Services

  • Michelle Woods, Associate Director for Financial Aid Delivery
  • Brenda Capel, Operations Coordinator
  • Manuela Jani, Operations Assistant

Teaching & Learning Lab

  • Natali Vlanti, Assistant Director for Teaching & Learning

Undergraduate Advising Center

  • John Sandoval, Associate Dean, Advising and Academic Achievements
  • Katy Warner, Assistant Dean, Advising Assessment and Communication