MIT’s Need Blind Admissions

MIT’s Need Blind Admissions

January 15, 2022

You may have read about recent antitrust class action lawsuits against universities questioning their need-blind admissions practices.

As is our practice for pending litigation, MIT will not comment on the specific allegations of the lawsuit that was filed, but we firmly believe that our admissions and financial aid practices comply with all laws and we will vigorously defend them in court.

However, as we have championed for years, MIT has maintained – and will continue to maintain – need-blind admissions practices, and need-based financial aid policies. No student will be disadvantaged in the admissions process because of their financial need, and we award financial aid based entirely upon a student’s demonstrated need.

Our goal is to admit and enroll the best students from around the world regardless of their financial circumstances, and make sure they can afford MIT while they’re here. We are steadfastly committed to these principles, regardless of the allegations of the lawsuit.