Student FAQ: AY2025 Stipend Levels & Additional Support for Graduate Students 

Fellowship Stipends and Additional Support

What are the rates for graduate students receiving support for AY25?
The rate will be increased by 3.5% in 2024-2025. Effective June 1, 2024 the rates will be as follows:

Monthly: $4,134
Annual (12 mo.): $49,614
High Range +15%: $57,056

SM Level
Monthly: $3,777
Annual (12 mo.): $45,320
High Range +15%: $52,118

What happens to the rate increase if I have a partial fellowship award and a partial RA or TA appointment?
The rate increase will apply on a prorated basis to your fellowship award only.

What if I experience financial issues and have trouble covering all of my needs, or those of my family?
Graduate students may be eligible for the following assistance programs:

Fellows are also eligible for an annual needs-based supplemental grant of up to $10,000 for students with dependent children.This is in addition to the need-blind Grant for Graduate Students with Children. Students who meet the eligibility requirements for the needs-blind grant and who are on fellowships during the fall or spring award periods may apply for the supplemental grant.

For more information on financial assistance programs, please visit

Note: Students in non-residency status are eligible for emergency hardship funding.

There are also a number of resources at the Institute and elsewhere that provide valuable information and can help if you experience financial challenges or unforeseen expenses.

  • Food Insecurity. If you need immediate assistance with food — either a few meals or some groceries — please see the DoingWell resources.
  • Financial Literacy. Visit the Manage Your Money page on the Student Financial Services site for budgeting and financial planning resources. In addition, Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) and the International Students Office (ISO) offer occasional workshops on these topics.
  • Health Insurance Fees. Full fellowship appointments typically cover insurance; if not, you may be able to purchase insurance through the Massachusetts Health Connector. Every Health Connector plan meets the requirements to waive the MIT Student Health Insurance Plan; the Health Connector also offers discounted coverage for eligible lower-income individuals. They can help you find a plan that fits your budget and needs.
  • Individual grants. Need a little extra for something specific? The Graduate Student Council provides a number of individual grants for expenses such as travel, professional development, athletic and performance activities, and more.

Health Insurance

What will my insurance rates be next year?
The cost of MIT Health’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is detailed below.

Enrollment typeFull year
Sept. 1, 2024 – Aug. 31, 2025
Fall term only
Sept. 1, 2024 – Jan. 31, 2025
Spring/Summer term only
Feb.1, 2024 – Aug. 31, 2025
Summer term only
Jun.1, 2024 – Aug. 31, 2025
Student$3,603.00 $1,501.00 $2,102.00 $900.00 
Student and partner$7,878.00 $3,282.00 $4,596.00 $1,970.00 
Student and dependent(s)$4,909.00 $2,046.00 $2,863.00 $1,228.00 
Family$9,186.00 $3,826.00 $5,360.00 $2,296.00 
Note: Rates are inclusive of access to most services at MIT Health without additional costs.

MIT Health will send enrollment information in the late spring/early summer. 

The MIT Graduate Student Dental Plan will be available again for AY2025. Rates have been held flat. 

Why are the health insurance rates going up?
The increase in health insurance is due to many external factors, including long-standing issues related to post-pandemic recovery, higher specialty drug costs, and the rising costs of certain types of patient care. 

MIT’s comprehensive health insurance premiums still remain among the best-in-class and are very competitive with those of peer institutions. Rates are inclusive of access to most services at MIT Health without additional costs. Moreover, in addition to OGE’s GradSupport, students benefit from having on-site mental and behavioral health care resources.

Where can I learn about all the benefits I am eligible for?
The following online summary helps graduate students understand their eligibility for various benefits and resources (e.g., child grants, dental insurance, etc.) in light of the MIT and MIT GSU collective bargaining agreement (CBA).