Status of your transit pass reimbursement

Dear [student]

According to our records, you are signed up for the Student T-Pass Program and purchased one of the following passes this semester:

  • Monthly Local Bus pass
  • Monthly LinkPass (local bus and subway)
  • Semester pass (local bus and subway

In accordance with the MIT and MIT-GSU collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and MIT’s new benefits eligibility policies, students with eligible graduate appointments or awards now receive a 70% subsidy for these passes.

Since passes are purchased on a monthly or semesterly basis, the new subsidy rate applies to the first full month (October) following the ratification of the contract, and then for all subsequent months during the enrollment period. MIT is issuing a credit for the difference in the subsidy rates to your student account before Friday, December 1.

This reimbursement will be applied to any outstanding balance on your student account or may create a credit. You may leave the credit to pay for future charges or request a refund by emailing If you borrowed a loan in Academic Year 2023-24, this reimbursement may impact your loan eligibility. SFS will contact you if adjustments are made.

You will need to have direct deposit set up to receive a refund of any credit balances on your student account. If you have any other questions about the reimbursement process email