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Human Resources

Job Flexibility

Job flexibility is a critical resource for maintaining job satisfaction and quality of life among MIT employees. Flexible work arrangements may arise at MIT as a result of individual negotiations between employees and supervisors/managers, when these arrangements are mutually beneficial and meet or exceed business needs.

Not all OVC offices or jobs lend themselves to flexibility. However, many OVC environments can support some forms of workplace flexibility, provided that the following principles are met:

Principles for Effective Workplace Practice

  1. The arrangement must support the office goals, including productivity, cost effectiveness, and service to internal and external clients.
  2. The individual’s work style and work history must support the requirements of the arrangement.
  3. The job tasks must be adaptable to the flexible arrangement.
  4. Special arrangements for communication and accountability should be established to assist successful implementation of the new flexibility arrangement.
  5. To assure that all parties understand the expectations of the arrangement, a written proposal and agreement should be developed.
  6. Approval should be based on the business merits of the individual proposal.
  7. A trial period should be established.  The proposal should be re-negotiated at least annually.  Some jobs do not lend themselves to flexibility.  Consequently, both parties should be prepared to agree that an arrangement either may need tweaking or to be discontinued if it is not working.
  8.  It should be made clear that approval is subject to change or revocation at any time, should business or performance concerns arise. Impacts of alternative work policies and arrangements should be well understood with an overall consideration for all employees in the office or department who may be impacted by such a change.
  9. Alternative work policies and flexible arrangements should be well communicated to all employees in the office or department.