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MIT course aids social connection, better relationships, and happiness
New PE.0539 course supports students who want to meet new people, strengthen friendships, build communities, and make MIT a more welcoming place.
Anushree Chaudhuri: Involving local communities in renewable energy planning
As societies move to cleaner technologies, the MIT senior seeks to make the transition more sustainable and just.
For all humankind
Political science and physics major Leela Fredlund wants to ensure fairness and justice prevail in humanity's leap into space.
MIT students win national materials design competition
At the ASM Materials Education Foundation’s 2023 Undergraduate Design Competition, seniors Louise Anderfaas and Darsh Grewal design a super-strong aluminum plate for applications such as planes and cars.
3 Questions: The Climate Project at MIT
Richard Lester describes an emerging new initiative that will back climate efforts at the Institute and find outside partnerships to drive actionable innovation.
Six MIT students selected as spring 2024 MIT-Pillar AI Collective Fellows
The graduate students will aim to commercialize innovations in AI, machine learning, and data science.
MADMEC winner creates “temporary tattoos” for T-shirts
Me-Shirts, winner of the annual MIT materials science competition, has developed a biodegradable material than can be easily added and removed from shirts.
3 Questions: What can graduate students expect from MIT’s newest grad housing option?
David Friedrich, senior associate dean for housing and residential services, discusses the new Graduate Junction residence and the unique partnership with American Campus Communities.
Noubar Afeyan PhD ’87 to deliver MIT’s 2024 Commencement address
The inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has co-founded and developed over 70 life-science and technology startups.
DiOnetta Jones Crayton: Change-maker at MIT
For 14 years, Crayton has strengthened programs and created new ones that foster academic success, provide mentoring, prepare students for careers or graduate school, and build community.