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Fueled by problem-solving
Undergraduate research helped feed physics and EECS major Thomas Bergamaschi’s post-MIT interest in tackling challenges.
CoCo: A real-time co-creative learning platform for young people
Media Lab PhD students Manuj Dhariwal and Shruti Dhariwal introduce a new paradigm of creative collaboration in digital learning environments.
MIT students Rupert Li and Audrey Xie named 2023-24 Goldwater Scholars
Undergraduates whose research areas explore discrete math and neural networks honored for their academic achievements.
Kelsey Merrill ’22, MEng ’23 named to 2023 ALL IN Student Voting Honor Roll
Merrill is one of 175 students nationwide honored for nonpartisan democratic engagement work.
Understanding boiling to help the nuclear industry and space missions
PhD candidate Florian Chavagnat seeks to answer fundamental questions about heat transfer that will shape the success of nuclear power plants — and extended missions in space.
Using data to write songs for progress
Senior Ananya Gurumurthy adds her musical talents to her math and computer science studies to advocate using data for social change.
Say hello to Tim the BeaVR
MIT student creates Tim the Beaver in virtual reality using the MIT.nano Immersion Lab.
2.007 Forever!
With winches, spinners, and telescoping contraptions, bots go head to head in student robot competition inspired by “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”
“In everything I do, I’m a creator”
Mechanical engineer and storyteller Hannah Gazdus integrates her love of art into all of her projects.
Remote Appointment Policy Update: May 2023
Update to the Remote Appointment Policy for enrolled MIT students.