Providing new pathways for neuroscience research and education
Payton Dupuis finds new scientific interests and career opportunities through MIT summer research program in biology.
Making each vote count
MIT PhD candidate Jacob Jaffe uses data science to identify and solve problems in election administration.
Exploring how new technologies are changing finance
MIT students team up with Hong Kong students and companies to explore emerging opportunities in fintech.
Understanding reality through algorithms
Neuroscience PhD student Fernanda De La Torre uses complex algorithms to investigate philosophical questions about perception and reality.
Welcome to our Graduate Students
Blanche E. Staton, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education Ian A. Waitz, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate and Graduate Education offer a warm welcome to our new and returning graduate students.
MIT welcomes the 2022 incoming graduate students
Graduate Student Council introduces new grad students to MIT with information, community, and interactive activities.
A “golden era” to study the brain
“We can’t think of the brain only as neurons,” says PhD student Mitch Murdock, who explores the cellular basis of Alzheimer’s disease.
A musician-turned-anthropologist studies venture capitalism in China
Whether learning about new music or a new culture, PhD student Jamie Wong takes a similar approach: Seek out the experts, then “try to play along and keep up.”
Ethics in action
In MIT’s Experiential Ethics summer course, students grapple with real-world ethical decision making, often while interning in the very fields they’re studying.
MIT named No. 2 university by U.S. News for 2022-23
Undergraduate engineering and computer science programs are No. 1; undergraduate business program is No. 2.