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Infinite Mile Awards Program

Award Criteria

OVC Infinite Mile Awards recognize individuals and teams who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in one of six categories:

Collaboration and Communication

Collaborates and communicates with others in a way that provides clear direction and vision regarding a specific project, initiative, program, or process, resulting in better understanding and better coordination than expected. In achieving these objectives, the individual/team may:

  • Create/build consensus and work toward shared success.
  • Willingly and ably deal with adverse situations.
  • Inspire excellence in others through their attitude, effort and collaborative spirit.
  • Adopt a positive attitude that enables/encourages group process.
  • Pitch in/step up in ways that are not expected or required.


Demonstrates through personal actions a desire to make MIT a richer environment in which to work, live and learn. In achieving these objectives, the individual/team may:

  • Get involved in helping others in ways beyond job responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate exceptional dedication and loyalty.
  • Contribute to a more supportive/positive work environment for all.
  • Act and encourage others to act for the good of community and its members.
  • Take steps to build and maintain relationships.
  • Works to create atmosphere of collegiality and respect.

Serving the Client

Shows a breadth of perspective that results in opportunities to significantly impact the community by improving current practices, improving service levels, or identifying new constituencies to serve. In achieving these objectives, the individual/team may:

  • Get to know and anticipate the needs of those we serve: students, colleagues, alumni, staff, faculty and external stakeholders.
  • Seek new levels of excellence in service.
  • Serve as role model to others through positive interactions and relationships.
  • Seek to improve service in creative and highly responsive ways.
  • Go above and beyond to build rapport and trust with customers.

Diversity and Inclusion

Demonstrates through personal actions a desire to make MIT a more inclusive and welcoming academic environment where everyone feels they have opportunities to succeed. In achieving these objectives, the individual/team may:

  • Take an active role in raising awareness by educating and inspiring others as to how they can effectively foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.
  • Set a positive example or standard for contributing to and supporting a more welcoming, inclusive and overall positive work and academic environment.
  • Demonstrate through action a deep respect for and value of differences and take steps to build and maintain diverse working groups/relationships.
  • Develop, implement and/or recommend programs, projects or initiatives which promote a diverse and inclusive workplace (e.g., outreach, recruitment, and retention and inclusion strategies).

Innovation and Creativity

Applies analytical thinking and/or creative problem solving to significantly improve current practices and/or advance educational mission or organizational learning. In achieving these objectives, the individual/team may:

  • Investigate and/or research alternative work methods.
  • Fearlessly test or pilot new systems or approaches.
  • Create consensus and positive long-term solutions.
  • Find new and creative ways to utilize existing resources.
  • Encourage others to be innovative and to think creatively.
  • Balance creative thinking with sound judgement and effective stewardship to advance organizational or office responsibilities.

Everyday Leadership

Demonstrates desire to lead others to reach higher potential and achieve desired results. A leader can help others see a vision, willingly shares knowledge and contributes to the development of others. In achieving these objectives, the individual/team may:

  • Serve as positive example or role model for others.
  • Contribute and foster team spirit and confidence.
  • Volunteer to take on difficult problem or task.
  • Coach/mentor others to help them reach goals.
  • Invests in employee and/or student development.
  • Proactively identify problems and generate solutions.