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Rewards and Recognition

Infinite Mile Awards Program

Please note: 2018 nominations are now closed.

The Infinite Mile Awards Program provides an opportunity to formally recognize the outstanding achievements of our peers through an annual nomination and selection process.


All employees in the Office of the Vice Chancellor (OVC) are eligible to nominate or be nominated for an award.  OVC Employees interested in nominating employees elsewhere at the Institute may do so either through the OVC nomination process or through the employees home department’s R&R Program.

Nomination Process

Nominations will be accepted each spring. Only nominations submitted by the March 19, 2018 deadline will be considered in the upcoming program year.  Nominations must be made using the OVC Nomination Form and meet the award criteria. You can also view sample nominations to aid you in the process.

Selection Process

A selection Committee will select the Award recipients.  The Selection Committee will be comprised of representation from across OVC offices and payroll categories.  In April of each year, the Selection Committee will review all nominations.  Each nomination will be judged within the context of the established criteria.  The Program Administrator, Kristin McCoy, will serve as Chair of the Selection Committee.  Each year the Selection Committee will determine, based on the budget, the number of awards to be given out.

Notification Process

Recipients will receive a letter from the Vice Chancellor informing them that they have been selected and will be formally recognized during the annual award ceremony.  A copy of this letter will also be sent to the nominee’s supervisor and Office Head.

Individuals who were nominated, but not selected for an Award, will be notified of their nomination.  Each year the “Infinite Mile” award recipients will be announced during the annual award ceremony and their names will be published on the OVC web site.

More Information

Please contact the Rewards and Recognition Administrator, Kristin McCoy, 617-258-5448 or