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Cross-Functional Teams and Working Groups

Graduate Student Professional Development Working Group


In 2013, a faculty-led committee produced a report in which several key recommendations were proposed. Since the 2013 Report: Task Force on Graduate Student Professional Development (TFPRO) a few aspects of the recommendations have been accomplished, including the beginnings of a repository for professional development videos and a communications course for Graduate Students.

The goal of this group is to continue to move forward with the TFPRO recommendations, given that much of the work in identifying the problem, collecting input, and considering the professional development skills graduate students should leave MIT with has been completed. The group will update recommendations of the faculty committee’s previous work to consider best practices and identify gaps as the working group sees fit.

The outcomes of the working group will help provide broad access to professional development opportunities that complement discipline-specific knowledge for graduate students while at MIT and beyond, whatever their career destination.

Specifically, the committee is charged with:

  1. Establishing a framework for graduate student professional development;
  2. Leveraging data driven best practices and resources to reach more students;
  3. Creating a repository with relevant information and resources, and make it accessible and actionable;
  4. Recommending best practices to motivate and incentive students to partake, while identifying barriers for student participation in professional development activities.

Working Group Members

  • Sarah Goodman, GSC President
  • Lisa Guay, GSC Vice President
  • Krithika Ramchander, GSC Treasurer
  • Orpheus Chatzivasileiou, GSC Secretary
  • Pat O’Shea, GSC Academics, Research, & Careers (ARC) Committee Co-Chair
  • Richard Zhang, GSC Academics, Research, & Careers (ARC) Committee Co-Chair
  • Tracy Purinton, Director, MIT Leadership Center @ Sloan
  • Patrick Yurick, Instructional Design, OGE
  • Blanche Staton, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education
  • Heather Konar, Communications Officer, OGE
  • Marilyn Wilson, Associate Director, Career Education and Counseling
  • Deborah Liverman, Director of Career Services
  • Jake Livengood, Senior Assistant Director for Graduate Student Career Services
  • Lauren Pouchak, Director, Special Projects
  • David Nino, Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program