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Cross-Functional Teams and Working Groups

OVC Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

The mission of OVC-CDI is to advocate and work for diversity and inclusion within OVC by defining and executing actions that will make a more inclusive community at home and abroad.

Team Members

  • Michael Bergen, UAAP
  • Latasha Boyd, Admissions
  • Cedrick Boursiquot, ISO
  • Sharon Bridburg, OVC
  • Camilla Brinkman, Experiential Learning
  • Kathleen Cahill, HAAP
  • Jessica Ch’ng, Admissions
  • Paula Cogliano, Concourse
  • DiOnetta Jones Crayton, OME
  • Gen Filiault, Registrar
  • Wayne Johnson, Registrar
  • Tyrene Jones, GECD
  • Heather Konar, OGE
  • Christopher LaRoche, UAAP
  • Julie Maddox, GECD
  • Jason McKnight, OGE
  • Devan Monroe, OME
  • Sheryl Double Ott (Lt Col), ROTC
  • Stu Schmill, Admissions/SFS
  • Kofi Taha, D-Lab
  • Keiko Tanaka, OGE