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The First Year Experience: Fun-Sized

When: IAP 2019 | 1/22-2/1

Course Number: 2.s974 / 2.s790

3 units

Faculty: Professor Maria Yang & Vice Chancellor Ian A. Waitz

DFY: Fun-Sized (2.s974/2.s790) is a 3-unit follow-up to the original Designing the First-Year Experience at MIT class offered in Spring 2018.

The class will focus on exploring ideas for radical changes to the first-year experience that could be piloted with a small group of students, for example in a First-Year Learning Community (FLC), as well as less dramatic changes that could be tested with the entire Class of 2023.

It will be offered in IAP 2019 and will be co-taught by Professor Maria Yang and Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz. The class will be held from 2-5 pm every day for the last two weeks of IAP (1/22-2/1). Class participants are expected to attend every session.

Please fill out this form if you are considering taking the class or want information. This information will help us tailor the class to fit your interests and needs.

If the class is over-subscribed, preference may be given to students who express interest.