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CUP Experiment

In August of 2018 the Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP) agreed to move forward with an experiment to investigate ways to promote greater exploration in the first-year undergraduate experience.

The proposal was made possible through a marvelous collaboration between students, faculty, staff and administrators over the last year and incorporates some specific recommendations from the Designing the First Year at MIT course (spring FYE ’18).

What does this mean for MIT students?

  • First-year students entering during the Fall of 2018 will be eligible to designate up to three Science, Mathematics, and Engineering General Institute Requirements (i.e., 3.091, 5.111, or 5.112; 7.01n; 8.01n; 8.02n; 18.01n; or 18.02n) to be graded on a Pass or No Record basis (P/NR) after their first term. The first semester will still be graded P/NR, and the second semester ABC/NR. This added flexibility should encourage students to move some of their SME GIRs out of the first-year, providing more opportunities for students to take classes that enable them to explore majors and minors early in their time at MIT.
  • For all other current undergraduates, there will be no changes. Our goal with keeping all students in the loop has been to ensure transparency and to keep students informed about how we are implementing the ideas of many of your peers. We recognize the importance of upper-level student advice for first-year students, and we hope you will work with us to promote a more exploration-focused experience for the next generation of MIT students.
  • As part of ongoing community discussions this year, the CUP will solicit input and deliberate about possible additional experiments for first-year students entering during the Fall of 2019.

Special Grading and Credit Limits for First Year Students